Between July 26 and 28 I was not home.  That is because Jack, Dad, and I were taking a vacation to New York City.  It was a lot of fun, and we got plenty of exercise.  We walked ten miles in those three days.

Day 1

We took an Amtrak train to Penn Station.  Amtrak operates a track that runs behind our house.  We got on after the train passed that stretch though.  It was a very comfortable ride.  We took a break in Albany and I took these pictures.

The front of the train
The rest of the train

We got off for good after about eight hours on the rail.  We were underground in a very hot Penn Station.

When we got out, it was hot outside.  We walked a mile to Times Square.  Dad rented an apartment near Times Square through Airbnb.  It was on the third floor above a barber shop.  It was a small but nice place.  There was a kitchen, TV, bed, couch, AC, and fast WiFi in that one room not much bigger than our living room.  The couch was one that you could unfold into a bed.  We chilled out there for a while.

Then we went out on Fifth Avenue.  We saw a couple cool shops there.  At one we got some souvenirs,  I got a miniature Taxi cab, Jack got two display plates with the Statue Of Liberty on them.  One was for him. The other one was for Mom.  We also got Walter a rubber duck that looked like the Statue Of Liberty in the form of a rubber duck.

The next place we went into was very cool.  It had jewelry, fossils, and rare minerals on display.  It was very interesting in there.

Fossilized Dinosaur Egg.
New York City 041
Fossilized Dinosaur Teeth.
New York City 037
Jack in front of a crystal cluster.


At this point, we were very tired.  We decided to find a place to eat out and ate at a British restaurant.  It was loud in there, but it was also nice.  I ordered mac & cheese, and got a huge bowl that was very hot, as well as enough for two meals.  After we ate, we went back to our apartment and went to bed.


Day 2

On day two, we woke up, and went to a grocery store.  We got bacon, sausage, cereal, eggs, milk, and yogurt.  All of those were in small amounts.  We had breakfast at that point.  Then we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   We stopped at some places along Fifth Avenue between the Met and our Apartment.  One of those place was the Microsoft store. There was some pretty awesome stuff.  The second floor had a library of games and free to play Xbox One setups with giant TVs.

Jack and I in front of the Microsoft store.

We also stopped at the Apple store and a huge cathedral before we arrived at the Met.

Our Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We started in the entrance room. It was huge and crowded in there.  We went to the main staircase area.  we got lost within the first five minutes while looking for the arms and armor room.  I eventually led the way there.  In between where we got lost and arms and armor there were some cool rooms,  such as a room with woodworking art.  Dad was really interested in it.  Here is my favorite picture from that room.

This is just a picture of a panel with wood art in it. Looks very realistic, huh?

After that room we saw a room that had a few different things in it.  The most eye catching for me was the 400 year old violins.  I had my picture taken while I was in front of them.  I play violin myself. Click here to see a video of me playing Bach.

There are the Violins!

We then saw arms and armor.  It was amazing in there:  a brightly lit room with armor, swords, old guns, and old weapons of other sorts.

This display of knights on horses was amazing.
A more detailed view.
A little arsenal.

For more pictures, (Link will be added soon)

We saw a lot more in the museum.  We saw a temple from Egypt.  That inspired me to take the featured image for this post.  Dad noticed a story that was chiseled into the stone of the temple.

The temple.

We saw an Egyption sarcophagus too.

A sarcophagus

We saw much more; however, we were tired at this point and didn’t pay much attention.  There was lots of other cool stuff we saw there.

We went to Central Park.  It was a good deal quieter there.


We chilled out for a bit. Then we went to Brooklyn by subway to see Dad’s friend.  We ate pizza there, and then we went back to our apartment.  That was a very exhausting day.

The next day, we ate breakfast, and then took a subway down to the World Trade Center.  We saw the memorial and the new World Trade Center.

The memorial.
The World Trade Center.

We walked for a while and ended up at the ferry place.  We took a ferry to Brooklyn and back.

The ferry coming to pick us up.
Of course we saw the Statue of Liberty.
The skyline view from Brooklyn.

And that was our trip to New York City.  We had a lot of fun.  We walked, took a subway to Times Square, picked up our luggage, and went to Penn Station.  We arrived home at 12:30 AM.


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