My Birthday

My birthday was on April 25.  It was a lot of fun.  I had planned to have a party with some friends on April 24, but they couldn’t come.  I still had plenty of fun.  In the morning,  It was a typical day.  I did chores and took care of Walter.  The only thing that wasn’t normal in the morning, was that we baked cupcakes.  That was basic too, just mixing various flowers together, adding liquids, and putting it in the oven.  I was taking care of Walter when Mom and Jack made the frosting.  Then, I put the frosting on the cupcakes.  After that was done, Mom arranged everything very nicely and we opened presents after taking some pictures.

Getting ready to open presents.

I was starting to open a birthday card when Pastor Beutel who had a giant present for me.  Even though it featured several trash bags, duct tape, and rope, I liked his wrapping job.  in the first layer, I found a card.  It had a dancing monkey and played a electronic version of “Happy Birthday to You.”  Walter liked that.  Then I dug deeper into the package.  Two layers later, I found a quadcopter.  It had a 2MP camera and several other nice things.  I opened the rest of my birthday cards.  there were 3 cards to open.  Then it was time to open presents.  I started with the flat and highly rectangular one, and revealed a gaming keyboard and mouse combo.  Then I opened up a 8-port gigabit network switch, then a lens for my homemade monster led light.  After that I opened the main thing:  A GTX 950.  I helped pay for it, so I knew it was coming.

What i got.JPG
The stuff I got for my birthday.

While we were opening presents, my pizza came.  So because we were done opening presents, we ate pizza and chips.  Then we had cupcakes.  Of course we sang happy birthday.

Unable to put video here due to copyrighting of “Happy Birthday to You.”

The cupcakes were very good.  Then I went downstairs to my workshop, and installed my network switch in its preset place.  Then I installed the new graphics card.  I had just enough time to benchmark it.  Then we did our usual Monday afternoon skating.  It was a good workout.  When we got home, I cleaned up my pc setup, and played on it.  It was great compared to my old GPU.  The most the old one ever got was 60 fps.   Thew new one gets 200+ fps with optifine, and 20-30 fps optifine and shaders.  The only game I have played on it is Minecraft.  I had alot of fun on Monday, and really enjoy my new stuff.

Here are a couple more pictures:

Jack is lighting my candles.
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
Just the Mouse.
Graphics card
GTX 950

Talk to you later!


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