Creepercraft 1.0 – The Minecraft server of Thomas Duke

Hello, today, I am proud to announce my Minecraft server launch!  I have worked hard on it, and I think it is ready to go public.  It is called Creepercraft, with only five staff members including myself.  While the server may seem lame, I have major plans for it.  One thing I think various servers fail to do is to tell their users that donations are important.  How else would big servers run.  My current 12 player server plan costs $3/mo.  A bigger plan might cost up to $20/mo.  So, in theory, I would need 5 MVP users on a monthly plan, or lifetime MVP to pay for a 100 slot server.  That brings us to rank prices.  I have two ranks that will be for sale, MVP and VIP.  MVP will be $5/mo or $20 Lifetime.  VIP will be $2/mo and $10 lifetime.  What is on my server?  My server will have Factions, Peaceful Survival, Creative, Parkour. and more.  The spawn is built by me and my friend and moderator, Galaxy_man66.  I think the spawn looks great.  All the other info you will need can be found at the Creepercrft Website

By the way, People who join during the first week get $1M in-game money.  Thanks for reading and see you on the server.


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