Olympus Ws-821 digital voice recorder review

Hello, Today I will be telling you all about the Olympus Ws-821 digital voice recorder.  It is highly lightweight, and has several features.  It requires one AAA battery to run.  It has decent battery life and a standard user interface for everything.  On the front, you have an LCD, Record button, Stop button, Volume + button, Volume – button, Rewind button, Fast forward button, Erase button, List button, F1 button, F2 button, Menu button, and a recording light.  The LCD is backlit for ten seconds once you press a button.  On the back of the device, there is an odd shaped cover for the single AAA battery and a micro SD card.  On the top of it, there is a Headphone jack, Microphone jack, and a pair of microphones for stereo recording.  On the side, there are two sliders, one is the hold/power slider, and the other one makes a usb plug pop in and out of the device.  The recorder has 2 GB of internal storage.  The price for this is around $60 at the time of me writing this.  The audio sounds great for that price.  There is not that much static at all,  and the audio sounds clear.  It does, however, make bigger areas sound like a much bigger area.  Overall, I’d say this recorder is 10/10 and if $60 is your budget, then you should get this.


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