Tomtrax 7

Tomtrax is my personal tracklist of music I am currently into.  one tomtrax list is 45-80 minutes long.

Tomtrax 1-6 have unknown  dates

Tomtrax 7 was made on April 7, 2016 and has 17 tracks.  All Monstercat.

Tomtrax 7 tracklist

Track – Artist

The Force – Halo Nova

Game Changer – Day One

Laguana – Eminence

The Other Day – Insan3Lik3

Bad Pitched – Insan3Lik3

Top Of the World – Stephen Walking

Android – Obsidia

Formless – Feint

Dust Devil – Muzzy

Backlash – Noisestorm

Breakdown – Noisestorm

Renegade – Noisestorm

Disconnected – Pegboard Nerds

Follow Me – Tristam

I Remember – Tristam

 Who we Are – Tristam

The Alchemest’s Nightmare – Varien

Easily convert any Youtube to mp3!  I love this service and think they deserve that shoutout.

That’s all for now!


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