Well, It was a $10 well spent.  Well, What else could I possibly say in one sentence?  Terraria is a game that seems to me like Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. combined.  I mean, I’ve only had this game for like 3 days, and I have seen so much.  It is 2D with so much to do.  I like this describing quote from the Steam page

“Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game.!”

There is plenty of information on the official Terraria website as well.  My first thoughts are upon seeing the game in a video are, “That game looks epic!”  I mean most videos about Terraria show epic fights and cool weapons.  It also runs on a laptop from 2010.  That laptop hardly runs anything stressful anymore.  The first goal of the game is the same as Minecraft.  Get wood, and build shelter before night.  You also have an npc that spawns.  He will search for shelter at night.  He defines shelter as a properly walled, roofed, and door’d up shelter with a table and chair inside it.  If you play Minecraft, once you survive your first night, you will be thinking, “This is alot like Minecraft, I should make a mine.”  Well that thought is as false as at may seem true.  While it is true that there are useful materials below the surface, you want to get below the surface through caves.  But beware,  caves are the home of monsters, And loot that you get in reward for killing them.  Caves are full of structures that hold things from statues of monsters to chests of loot.  There are TONS of items, too many to name.  I have not even scratched the surface of this game. There are different landscapes throughout the game.  You spawn in a forest like area.  to the left is the desert, and to the right is Antartica.  This is, for small worlds.  When you log off of the game, you teleport to your spawn point.  So build your house over that point.  This review has only scratched the surface of the game.  The rest is yours to discover.

My name is Thomas Duke, Thank you for reading this review of Terraria.

P.S. Did I say that Terraria has an epic soundtrack? Because it does.


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