My Thoughts on Minecraft 1.9

Well, as we all know, Minecraft came out with 1.9 about a month ago.  It was codenamed The Combat Update.  Lets see why.  (Official Release notes can be found here.)

It has the key features of updating pvp, adding shields, special arrows, changing armor values, and adding attack delay to weapons.  There are also a couple updates revolving around the End dimension.  I have not explored those yet.  The pvp part is huge.  It changes the way pvp works.  It also makes hacking harder with the attack delay.  What the attack delay does is makes it so that if you double-click with a sword in hand, it makes it so the first hit is normal and then adds a recharge bar under the crosshairs.  This recharge bar is not very long, but it makes it so that until it fully recharges, your attacks are worth less.  This means that triggerbot and killaura hacks no longer work very well.

The special arrows are very simple.  There is the specteral arrow.  This makes it so you see the outline of recently hit targets through blocks. (Unless they’re shifting) This I find useful for forest pvp.  There are also tipped arrows. These can contain potion effects.

There is now the ability to hold two items.  There are limits, however.  A good use for this feature would be to hold a shield in the off-hand and as sword in the main.  When you left click, your main hand will hit with a sword.  When you right click, your off hand will block with the shield.  I do not know any crafting recipes yet, but here is my favorite crafting website.  Another Important fact before i vanish into the dust is that Minecraft 1.9 and 1.9.2 servers are not backwards compatible.  SO don’t plan to run optifine 1.9.0 on your private 1.9.2 server.  Thank you for reading my thoughts on Minecraft 1.9


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