A Piece of Natrual Reverb

Screenshot (208)

Well, Dad and I went to church on a Tuesday, Not to attend bible study or a service, but to record.  The church is a very challenging place to record, but in the end, it paid off big-time.  We were there for around an hour, and an hours work turned into a beautiful video.

Dad and I got there and then we set up.  This also included finding the right light switches and deciding how to record audio.  We ended up with a setup like this:  two microphones in an x pattern, a 12 channel mixer, then tape out to the camera.  The camera took that great video.  Every single light in the church was on alongside my DIY recording floodlight.   The floodlight, By the way, Is battery powered and has a 300 watt equiv. output for over an hour.  That does not make much of a difference compared to the church lights, but the difference is there.

Me and my led light in the dark

It took us four or five takes. the first couple we did not even record the video for.  Dad ran all the audio and video recording while I played violin.  There is not much for me to say there.  The recording turned out awesome.  Even just listening to it on the bad camera speakers told me that.  One of the best parts about the recording is that there is a natural echo in it from the acoustics of the sanctuary.  This and a couple other things makes the sanctuary bad for eliminating background noise.  Overall, I think this was a fun project for me to do as I still had extra time after it was done.  You can download an audio file here if you want.  It is only 6 MB and is provided via Mediafire.



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